Sample Cases

I was retained by a municipality to investigate a fatality wherein the plaintiff, riding down a hill, lost control of his road bike and collided with a six-inch diameter traffic stanchion pole. Even though the city police wrote a thorough report, they failed to contact and interview a local resident who happened to see the plaintiff riding his bicycle just prior to the fall. This witness happened to be a nationally ranked triathlete. She alerted to the fact the plaintiff had very little control of the bike and believed, correctly so, that the tires were dramatically under-inflated. After my interview with her, I examined the wheels to the bicycle and discovered obvious wear evidence on the tires showing that it was being driven on its rims. During my deposition, I related my findings and described how difficult it is to control a bicycle being driven down hill at high speeds. Immediately after my deposition, the case was settled at a fraction of the original claim.

A plaintiff’s attorney regarding a bicyclist who was struck by an approaching, left turning driver, retained me. The plaintiff suffered horrific injuries including paraplegia. After my investigation and report, I testified to the jury as an expert witness that the driver of the automobile was entirely at fault. After a four-hour cross examination, both sides gathered in chambers and the case settled for nearly the entire seven digit amount.

I was retained by a state’s park district to investigate a head-on collision between two bicycle riders on a multi-use (bike/pedestrian) path. After reading multiple witness accounts and the police report, I came to the conclusion it was not a facilities issue, but rider error. Simply put, one of the less experienced riders crossed over into the path of the other oncoming rider. Using an exact copy of the deceased’s bicycle with attached video equipment, I demonstrated that the plaintiff had ample opportunity, at various speeds, to control her bike in her marked lane. My client was dismissed from the case soon after my report was submitted. I was told by defense’s lead attorney that my testimony was pivotal towards the favorable settlement.

I was retained by plaintiff’s attorney regarding his client, a bicycle rider, being struck by a passing bus. The resultant collision caused the experienced rider to lose both her feet. Along with a traffic engineer, we analyzed the evidence and recreated the collision. I testified in court that the female rider had absolutely no chance of avoiding the overtaking bus and that she was both riding legally and using effective cycling skills. The jury decided in favor of the plaintiff.


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